It’s difficult to put myself into words, since presence triumphs any adjective. But hey, I’ll give it a go

I am a novelty seeker and attracted to those who dare to be themselves. I find that I am most myself when ever-so-slightly hidden, tucked away in a busy café corner or veiled in earthtones on the city streets. With my twilit features and natural stoicism, I am unapologetically myself on every occasion.

Tempt me. I prefer my coffee dark and my cocktails light, though I’m never opposed to a little change.

Unravel me. A hidden galaxy always exists within the star-studded night. And when the moon has finally graced the sky’s stage among small flecks of silver, I will be swinging from its crescent end.

One Hour: 1000

90 Minutes: 1200

Two Hours: 1500

Three Hours: 2000

Four Hours: 2500

Six Hours: 3000

12 Hours: 4000

16 Hours: 5000

24 Hours: 6000

Extensions: 800/H

Did someone say rendezvous? Please use my contact form to arrange just that.

For screening, provide at least two references from companions (with website and/or social media) whom you have seen in the past year. If you cannot provide references, you are welcome to complete the screening process by submitting your identification and employment information.

Will you require an incall location?

What is your preferred screening method?